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News etc. Ancient Greek Latin

Anthon's Smith New Classical dictionary (1860)

Némethy's Dicta Catonis

Mommsen's Res gestae

old Loeb Res gestae

• an introduction to Latin for incoming Cambridge Prelims here (videos)

• an introduction to the Latin subjunctive for incoming Cambridge Prelims here (videos)

• an introduction to Ancient Greek and Roman poetry here (videos)

• my JRS review of Latin textbooks through the ages here

• my Odyssey textbook:

Weiss Odyssey textbook cover

find on CUP or

some useful Unicode characters (html); find Ancient Greek characters at the bottom of this column; Wikipedia list; MS Office shortcuts

Cambridge Ancient History first edition in pdfs (link to folder)

• major body parts in Ancient Greek and Latin on Quizlet

• summary of metamorphoses in Ovid's Metamorphoses from Lemaire's edition here (html)

• guide to writing Cambridge 'practical criticisms' here (pdf)

• Ancient Greek & Latin numbers 1-20 Quizlet here

• Chinese (pinyin) & Ancient Greek numbers 1-20 Quizlet here

• Chinese (pinyin) & Latin numbers 1-20 Quizlet here

• Jane Ellen Harrison on verbal aspect here (pdf)

Loebolus (link to Loebs in the public domain)

• Ancient Greek and Latin metrical feet flashcards ( link)

• Latin animals Quia Quizlet

• Ancient Greek antonyms and word-pairs here ( link)

• Ancient Greek key noun phrase generator here

• try a short poem (AG 5 & Cat.)

• clause shuffler here

• incremental reader here

• random frequent word here

• information for prospective applicants on Classics at Clare (link)

• recommended reading for prospective, incoming & current students in doc or html (html updated)

• OCR vocabulary materials here (link)

Crito wordlists: alphabetical (pdf), by frequency (pdf), by part of speech (pdf); activities here;

Odyssey 19 & 20 wordlists here (link)

how to type in Greek (pdf)

Greek letters on Mac OS X (pdf)

Greek letters on Windows (pdf)

how to install Gentium (link)

Unicode hex input (pdf)

• tips on writing Cambridge essays here (pdf)

• style sheet for essays here (pdf)


• Cambridge Ancient Greek language packs for incoming students: Intensive version here & Non-Intensive version here (large pdfs)

• tables here (html pages)

• 133 principal parts here (html page)

• Goodwin's catalogue & Smyth's catalogue (html pages)

download as pdf

• Lysias 1 vocabulary lists (docx) alphabetical, by frequency and by part of speech

Henri-Joseph-François Triqueti's 1865 intarsia of Homer reciting on Delos

• Grote's History of Greece (click image for link to pdfs)

• common Attic words Quizlets 1-1000 here 1001-2000 here

• imperfect or second aorist? BrainRush here

• Chandler's accents here (large pdf)

• Riddell's Apology and 'digest of Platonic idiom' (p. 124 ff.) here (large pdf)

• Yonge-Drisler English-Greek Lexicon here (large pdf)

• Monro's Iliad commentary (link to pdfs)

• Ancient Greek alphabet BrainRush with voice or without

• understanding Ancient Greek principal parts PowerPoint here

• 45 critical principal parts: pdf Quia Quizlet

verb-form maker & drills here

• verb-form generator here

• phrase generator here

Reading Greek vocabulary materials here

tense and aspect tables (pdf)

paradigm tests

materials based on Owen and Goodspeed's Homeric Vocabularies (plus "fighting words" material)

Greek verb synopses (pdf)

• confusing Η and Ω words in Greek here (pdf)

• Euripides frequency lists: top 1000 (doc or pdf) and 2nd 1000 (doc or pdf) most frequently used words in Euripides

• Cambridge Latin language pack for incoming students (1A students only) here (large pdf)

• tables here (html pages)

• 400+ principal parts here (html page)

download as pdf

Ingres' Vergil reading the Aeneid: click image for Hirtzel's OCT

• GCSE wordlist Quizlets with extras or simplified

sortes Vergilianae (Aen. 1)

• Conington & Nettleship Vergil commentary here

• Tacitus Annales 1 running vocabulary here (pdf) text here (docx)

Louis Jacoby's 1863 sketch of Mommsen

• Mommsen's History of Rome (click image for link to pdfs)

• fifty dates from Roman Republican history here (Quizlet)

• Smith-Hall English-Latin Dictionary here (large pdf)

• Mueller's Pro Caelio (pdf)

• Ovid's Metamorphoses 4 vocab on Quizlet here

• BrainRush regular & irregular verbs

In Catilinam 1 prezi

In Catilinam 1 vocabulary flashcards Quia Quizlet

• Latin noun phrase generator here

• 101 critical principal parts: pdf Quia Quizlet

• paradigm tests: adjectives, nouns, verbs

materials based on Kennedy's Latin Primer

verb conjugation quizzes

• online flashcards:

Cicero Pro lege Manilia Quia Quizlet

Vergil Aeneid 8 Quia Quizlet

Latin verb synopses (pdf)

Latin unseens

links (some via Raven):

lexica etc. LSJ/L&S LSJ TLL ΛΟΓΕΙΟΝ LEXILOGOS Cunliffe via TLG Numen Glossa Woodhouse Whitaker (PC only?) ND Engl.-Lat. Du Cange Dizionario Etimologico Trésor de la Langue Française informatisé The Bridge (vocab lists)

texts etc. Perseus PhiloLogic LCL Poesia Latina bibliotheca Augustana TLG van Thiel's homerpur (full unaccented text of the Iliad and Odyssey in pdf) the Chicago Homer PHI BTL CETEDOC thelatinlibrary MQDQ Tesserae NoDictionaries

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I'm Dr Charles Weiss and I teach for the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge and for Clare College (as Director of Studies, Lecturer, Tutor and Fellow), Cambridge. This website is intended for my students and for anyone learning Ancient Greek and Latin. Please e-mail me any corrections and comments—feedback welcome.

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