GCSE Latin: A401 Higher vocabulary


• this document has been created verbatim from the OCR online materials for Latin

• the list comprises 300 words

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a ab +ablative (also used as prefix with verbs)

from; away from; by (preposition)

ac atque (indeclinable)

and (conjunction)

accipio accipere accepi acceptus

accept; take in; receive (verb 3)

ad +accusative (also used as prefix with verbs)

to; towards; at (preposition)

advenio advenire adveni

arrive (verb 4)

aedifico aedificare aedificavi aedificatus

build (verb 1)

ago agere egi actus

do; act; drive (verb 3)

alius alia aliud

other; another; else (pronoun/adjective)

alter altera alterum

the other; another; the second of two (pronoun/adjective)

ambulo ambulare ambulavi

walk (verb 1)

amicus amici m

friend (noun 2)

amo amare amavi amatus

love; like (verb 1)

amor amoris m

love (noun 3)

ancilla ancillae f

slave-girl; slave-woman (noun 1)

animus animi m

spirit; soul; mind (noun 2)

annus anni m

year (noun 2)

appropinquo appropinquare appropinquavi +dative

approach; come near to (verb 1)

aqua aquae f

water (noun 1)

ars artis f

art; skill (noun 3)

ascendo ascendere ascendi ascensus

climb (verb 3)

audio audire audivi auditus

hear; listen to (verb 4)

auxilium auxilii n

help (noun 2)

bene (indeclinable)

well (adverb)

bibo bibere bibi

drink (verb 3)

bonus bona bonum

good (adjective)

caelum caeli n

sky; heaven (noun 2)

canis canis m and f

dog (noun 3)

capio capere cepi captus

take; catch; capture (verb 3)

caput capitis n

head (noun 3)

celer celeris celere

quick; fast (adjective)

cena cenae f

dinner; meal (noun 1)

ceteri ceterae cetera

the rest; the others (adjective)

cibus cibi m

food (noun 2)

circum +accusative

around (preposition)

civis civis m and f

citizen (noun 3)

clamo clamare clamavi clamatus

shout (verb 1)

clamor clamoris m

shout; shouting; noise (noun 3)

cognosco cognoscere cognovi cognitus

get to know; find out (verb 3)

consilium consilii n

plan; idea; advice (noun 2)

conspicio conspicere conspexi conspectus

catch sight of; notice (verb 3)

constituo constituere constitui constitutus

decide (verb 3)

consumo consumere consumpsi consumptus

eat (verb 3)

convenio convenire conveni

come together; gather; meet (verb 4)

credo credere credidi creditus +dative

believe; trust (verb 3)

crudelis crudele

cruel (adjective)

cum +ablative

with (preposition)

cum (indeclinable)

when; since (conjunction)

cupio cupere cupivi cupitus

want; desire (verb 3)

cur? (indeclinable)

why? (adverb)

curro currere cucurri cursus

run (verb 3)

custodio custodire custodivi custoditus

guard (verb 4)

de +ablative

from; down from; about (preposition)

dea deae f

goddess (noun 1)

debeo debere debui debitus

owe; ought; should; must (verb 2)

deinde (indeclinable)

then (adverb)

deleo delere delevi deletus

destroy (verb 2)

descendo descendere descendi descensus

go down; come down (verb 3 )

deus dei m

god (noun 2)

dico dicere dixi dictus

say (verb 3)

difficilis difficile

difficult (adjective)

discedo discedere discessi

depart; leave (verb 3)

diu (indeclinable)

for a long time (adverb)

do dare dedi datus

give (verb 1)

doceo docere docui doctus

teach (verb 2)

domina dominae f

mistress (noun 1)

dominus domini m

master (noun 2)

donum doni n

gift; present (noun 2)

dormio dormire dormivi

sleep (verb 4)

duco ducere duxi ductus

lead; take (verb 3)

e ex +ablative (also used as prefix with verbs)

from; out of; out (preposition)

ecce! (indeclinable)

look! (adverb)

effugio effugere effugi

escape (verb 3)

ego mei

I; me (pronoun)

emo emere emi emptus

buy (verb 3)

eo ire i(v)i

go (verb irregular)

epistula epistulae f

letter (noun 1)

equus equi m

horse (noun 2)

et (indeclinable)

and (conjunction)

etiam (indeclinable)

also; even (adverb)

exspecto exspectare exspectavi exspectatus

wait for (verb 1)

facilis facile

easy (adjective)

facio facere feci factus

make; do (verb 3)

femina feminae f

woman (noun 1)

fero ferre tuli latus

bring; carry; bear (verb irregular)

ferox ferocis

fierce; ferocious (adjective)

festino festinare festinavi

hurry (verb 1)

fidelis fidele

faithful; loyal (adjective)

filia filiae f

daughter (noun 1)

filius filii m

son (noun 2)

fortis forte

brave (adjective)

forum fori n

forum; market place (noun 2)

frater fratris m

brother (noun 3)

fugio fugere fugi

run away; flee (verb 3)

gravis grave

heavy; serious (adjective)

habeo habere habui habitus

have (verb 2)

habito habitare habitavi habitatus

live (verb 1)

heri (indeclinable)

yesterday (adverb)

hic haec hoc

this; he; she; it (pronoun)

hodie (indeclinable)

today (adverb)

homo hominis m

man; human being (noun 3)

hora horae f

hour (noun 1)

hortus horti m

garden (noun 2)

iam (indeclinable)

now; already (adverb)

ianua ianuae f

door (noun 1)

ibi (indeclinable)

there (adverb)

igitur (indeclinable)

therefore; and so (adverb)

ille illa illud

that; he; she; it (pronoun)

in +ablative (also used as prefix with verbs)

in; on (preposition)

in +accusative (also used as prefix with verbs)

into; onto (preposition)

ingens ingentis

huge (adjective)


he/she says; he/she said (verb irregular)

insula insulae f

island; block of flats (noun 1)

intellego intellegere intellexi intellectus

understand; realise (verb 3)

inter +accusative

among; between (preposition)

intro intrare intravi intratus

enter (verb 1)

invenio invenire inveni inventus

find (verb 4)

invito invitare invitavi invitatus

invite (verb 1)

ipse ipsa ipsum

himself; herself; itself; themselves (pronoun)

iratus irata iratum

angry (adjective)

is ea id

this; that; he; she; it; them (pronoun)

ita (indeclinable)

in this way; to such an extent; so (adverb)

itaque (indeclinable)

and so; therefore (adverb)

iter itineris n

journey (noun 3)

iubeo iubere iussi iussus

order (verb 2)

iuvenis iuvenis m

young man (noun 3)

laboro laborare laboravi

work (verb 1)

lacrimo lacrimare lacrimavi

weep; cry (verb 1)

laetus laeta laetum

happy (adjective)

laudo laudare laudavi laudatus

praise (verb 1)

lego legere legi lectus

read; choose (verb 3)

lentus lenta lentum

slow (adjective)

leo leonis m

lion (noun 3)

liber libri m

book (noun 2)

libero liberare liberavi liberatus

set free (verb 1)

libertus liberti m

freedman; ex-slave (noun 2)

locus loci m

place (noun 2)

longus longa longum

long (adjective)

magnus magna magnum

big; large; great (adjective)

maneo manere mansi

remain; stay (verb 2)

mare maris n

sea (noun 3)

mater matris f

mother (noun 3)

medius media medium

middle (adjective)

mercator mercatoris m

merchant (noun 3)

meus mea meum

my (pronoun)

miles militis m

soldier (noun 3)

minime (indeclinable)

very little; least; no (adverb)

miser misera miserum

miserable; wretched; sad (adjective)

mitto mittere misi missus

send (verb 3)

mons montis m

mountain (noun 3)

mors mortis f

death (noun 3)

mox (indeclinable)

soon (adverb)

multus multa multum

much; many (adjective)

nam (indeclinable)

for (conjunction)

narro narrare narravi narratus

tell; relate (verb 1)

nauta nautae m

sailor (noun 1)

navigo navigare navigavi

sail (verb 1)

navis navis f

ship (noun 3)

ne (indeclinable) +subjunctive

that ... not; so that ... not; lest (conjunction)

-ne (indeclinable)

(introduces question) (particle)

nec neque (indeclinable)

and not; nor; neither (conjunction)

neco necare necavi necatus

kill (verb 1)

nemo neminis

no one; nobody (noun irregular)

nihil (indeclinable)

nothing (noun irregular)

nolo nolle nolui

not want; refuse (verb irregular)

nomen nominis n

name (noun 3)

non (indeclinable)

not (adverb)

nonne … ? (indeclinable)

surely … ? (adverb)

nos nostrum

we; us (pronoun)

noster nostra nostrum

our (pronoun)

novus nova novum

new (adjective)

nox noctis f

night (noun 3)

nullus nulla nullum

not any; no (adjective)

num … ? (indeclinable)

surely … not? (particle)

numquam (indeclinable)

never (adverb)

nunc (indeclinable)

now (adverb)

nuntio nuntiare nuntiavi nuntiatus

announce (verb 1)

nuntius nuntii m

messenger; message; news (noun 2)

olim (indeclinable)

once; some time ago (adverb)

omnis omne

all; every (adjective)

ostendo ostendere ostendi ostentus

show (verb 3)

paene (indeclinable)

almost; nearly (adverb)

paro parare paravi paratus

prepare (verb 1)

pars partis f

part (noun 3)

parvus parva parvum

small (adjective)

pater patris m

father (noun 3)

pauci paucae pauca

few; a few (adjective plural)

pax pacis f

peace (noun 3)

pecunia pecuniae f

money (noun 1)

per +accusative

through; along (preposition)

pereo perire perii

die; perish (verb irregular)

periculum periculi n

danger (noun 2)

persuadeo persuadere persuasi +dative

persuade (verb 2)

perterritus perterrita perterritum

terrified (adjective)

peto petere petivi petitus

make for; seek; beg/ask for (verb 3)

pono ponere posui positus

put; place; put up (verb 3)

porta portae f

gate (noun 1)

porto portare portavi portatus

carry (verb 1)

possum posse potui

can; be able (verb irregular)

post +accusative

after; behind (preposition)

postquam (indeclinable)

after; when (conjunction)

primus prima primum

first (adjective)

pro +ablative

in front of; for; in return for (preposition)

promitto promittere promisi promissus

promise (verb 3)

prope +accusative

near (preposition)

puella puellae f

girl (noun 1)

puer pueri m

boy (noun 2)

pugno pugnare pugnavi

fight (verb 1)

pulcher pulchra pulchrum

beautiful; handsome (adjective)

punio punire punivi punitus

punish (verb 4)

quaero quaerere quaesivi quaesitus

search for; look for; ask (verb 3)

quam (indeclinable)

than (adverb)

quam? quam! (indeclinable)

how … ? how … ! (adverb)

quamquam (indeclinable)

although (conjunction)

quantus? quanta? quantum?

how big? how much? (adjective)

-que (indeclinable)

and (conjunction)

qui quae quod

who; which (pronoun)

quis? quid?

who? what? (pronoun)

quo? (indeclinable)

to where? (adverb)

quod (indeclinable)

because (conjunction)

quomodo? (indeclinable)

how? (adverb)

quoque (indeclinable)

also; too (conjunction)

quot? (indeclinable)

how many? (adjective)

re- (prefix used with verbs)

- back (prefix)

redeo redire redii

go back; come back; return (verb irregular)

relinquo relinquere reliqui relictus

leave; leave behind (verb 3)

respondeo respondere respondi responsus

reply (verb 2)

rex regis m

king (noun 3)

rideo ridere risi

laugh; smile (verb 2)

rogo rogare rogavi rogatus

ask; ask for (verb 1)

Roma Romae f (Romae: at/in Rome)

Rome (noun 1)

Romanus Romana Romanum

Roman (adjective)

saepe (indeclinable)

often (adverb)

saevus saeva saevum

savage; cruel (adjective)

saluto salutare salutavi salutatus

greet (verb 1)

salve! salvete! (plural)

hello! (verb imperative)

scio scire scivi scitus

know (verb 4)

scribo scribere scripsi scriptus

write (verb 3)

se sui

himself; herself; itself; themselves (pronoun)

sed (indeclinable)

but (conjunction)

sedeo sedere sedi

sit (verb 2)

semper (indeclinable)

always (adverb)

senator senatoris m

senator (noun 3)

senex senis m

old man (noun 3)

sentio sentire sensi sensus

feel; notice (verb 4)

servo servare servavi servatus

save; protect; keep (verb 1)

servus servi m

slave (noun 2)

si (indeclinable)

if (conjunction)

sic (indeclinable)

thus; in this way (adverb)

silva silvae f

wood (noun 1)

solus sola solum

alone; lonely; only; on one's own (adjective)

specto spectare spectavi spectatus

look at; watch (verb 1)

statim (indeclinable)

at once; immediately (adverb)

sto stare steti

stand (verb 1)

stultus stulta stultum

stupid; foolish (adjective)

subito (indeclinable)

suddenly (adverb)

sub +accusative/ablative

under; beneath (preposition)

sum esse fui

be (verb irregular)

summus summa summum

highest; greatest; top (of) (adjective)

supero superare superavi superatus

overcome; overpower (verb 1)

surgo surgere surrexi

get up; stand up; rise (verb 3)

suus sua suum

his; her; its; their (own) (pronoun)

taberna tabernae f

shop; inn (noun 1)

tam (indeclinable)

so (adverb)

tamen (indeclinable)

however (adverb)

tandem (indeclinable)

at last; finally (adverb)

tantus tanta tantum

so great; such a great (adjective)

templum templi n

temple (noun 2)

teneo tenere tenui tentus

hold (verb 2)

terra terrae f

ground; land; country (noun 1)

terreo terrere terrui territus

frighten (verb 2)

timeo timere timui

fear; be afraid (verb 2)

tot (indeclinable)

so many (adjective)

totus tota totum

whole (adjective)

trado tradere tradidi traditus

hand over (verb 3)

traho trahere traxi tractus

drag (verb 3)

tristis triste

sad (adjective)

tu tui

you (singular) (pronoun)

tum (indeclinable)

then (adverb)

turba turbae f

crowd (noun 1)

tuus tua tuum

your (singular); yours (pronoun)

ubi (indeclinable)

where? where; when (adverb)

urbs urbis f

city; town (noun 3)

ut (indeclinable) +subjunctive

that; so that; in order that (conjunction)

uxor uxoris f

wife (noun 3)

vale! valete! (plural)

goodbye; farewell! (verb imperative)

vehementer (indeclinable)

violently; loudly (adverb)

vendo vendere vendidi venditus

sell (verb 3 )

venio venire veni

come (verb 4)

via viae f

street; road; way (noun 1)

video videre vidi visus

see (verb 2)

villa villae f

house; country villa (noun 1)

vinco vincere vici victus

conquer; win; be victorious (verb 3)

vinum vini n

wine (noun 2)

vir viri m

man (noun 2)

vita vitae f

life (noun 1)

vivo vivere vixi

live; be alive (verb 3)

voco vocare vocavi vocatus

call (verb 1)

volo velle volui

want (verb irregular)

vos vestrum

you (plural) (pronoun)

vox vocis f

voice; shout (noun 3)