index of notes and exercises

exercises on ειμι sum, ειμι ibo, and οιδα

exercises on οιδα etc.

notes and exercises on relative clauses

notes on the oblique optative

exercises on "might" and αν

exercises on indirect speech

exercises on participles

Writing Class 3 MT 07 notes (simple syntax overview)

notes on Greek conditional sentences (Writing Class 5 MT 07)

notes on Greek indirect speech (Writing Class 7 MT 07)

expressing English abstracts in Greek (Writing Class 1 LT 06)

How to write like Lysias (1) (Writing Class 1 LT 08)

notes on present tense stems

exercises on alpha contract verbs

exercises on epsilon contract verbs

exercises on omicron contract verbs

contract verbs quiz

IG Lent Term 06 quiz 1

notes and exercises on the perfect tense

note on attribution, predication, and word order with the definite article

Week 3 LT 06 review sentences

exercises on διδωμι and τιθημι

exercises on ιστημι and ιημι

verb synopses table