Latin noun phrase generator (beta version)

based on key words in the Cambridge Latin language packs, In Catilinam 1 and Catullus

some common and some exemplary words have been added; a few rare or hypothetical forms have been included

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i. 1st + 1st/2nd declension feminine noun-phrase: feminīs bonīs
ii. 1st + 3rd declension feminine noun-phrase: puellās tristēs
iii. 1st + 1st/2nd declension masculine noun-phrase: poetārum bonōrum
iv. 1st + 3rd declension masculine noun-phrase: poetā meliore
v. 2nd + 1st/2nd declension masculine noun-phrase: deōs bonōs
vi. 2nd + 3rd declension masculine noun-phrase: deus acris
vii. 2nd + 1st/2nd declension feminine noun-phrase: Dēlī bonae
viii. 2nd + 3rd declension feminine noun-phrase: Dēlī ueterēs
ix. 2nd + 1st/2nd declension neuter noun-phrase: fatōrum bonōrum
x. 2nd + 3rd declension neuter noun-phrase: fatōrum tristium
xi. 3rd + 1st/2nd declension masculine noun-phrase: ignis tener
xii. 3rd + 3rd declension masculine noun-phrase: amorum felicium
xiii. 3rd + 1st/2nd declension feminine noun-phrase: abietis bonae
xiv. 3rd + 3rd declension feminine noun-phrase: harundinem meliorem
xv. 3rd + 1st/2nd declension neuter noun-phrase: nominis tenerī
xvi. 3rd + 3rd declension neuter noun-phrase: corpore uetere
xvii. 4th + 1st/2nd declension masculine noun-phrase: artus bonus
xviii. 4th + 3rd declension masculine noun-phrase: artibus felicibus
xix. 4th + 1st/2nd declension feminine noun-phrase: nuribus bonīs
xx. 4th + 3rd declension feminine noun-phrase: tribubus ueteribus
xxi. 4th + 1st/2nd declension neuter noun-phrase: cornibus bonīs
xxii. 4th + 3rd declension neuter noun-phrase: pecu acre
xxiii. dies + 1st/2nd declension masculine noun-phrase: diēbus bonīs
xxiv. dies + 3rd declension masculine noun-phrase: diē uetere
xxv. 5th + 1st/2nd declension feminine noun-phrase: rēbus bonīs
xxvi. 5th + 3rd declension feminine noun-phrase: rēs acrēs
                      random singular noun pair no. 1: rege deae

random singular noun pair no. 2: hominis donō

random preposition: fīnī

random word from In Catilinam 1:    

random 1st declension noun (total 56): contumelia
random 2nd declension noun (total 62): uir
random 3rd declension noun (total 105): competitor
random 4th declension noun (total 21): aestus
random 5th declension noun (total 5): pernicies
random 1st conjugation verb (total 103): habito
random 2nd conjugation verb (total 44): pateo
random 3rd conjugation verb (total 110): constringo
random 4th conjugation verb (total 17): audio
random mixed conjugation verb (total 23): profugio
random irregular conjugation verb (total 20): praetereo
random 1/2 declension adjective (total 82): sacer
random 3rd declension adjective (total 31): superior

random word from Catullus: sciamus
N.B. total unique words = 5900+; all caps = beginning of a poem